IT'S COMING The Genetically Unemployable Podcast is Launch March 2017!


My hands are in a few things these days because I like to create opportunities that bring people together and help us all share our (hard-earned) lessons learned. You’re not alone, you’ve found your tribe … come in, stay a while.


Creator, Educator and Advocate for Freelancers

I’ve been called a pioneer in the world of uniquely-talented people who feel empowered to go beyond conventional jobs and create businesses from unique vantage points and perspectives. My belief that those working for themselves deserve the same respect as those working for major corporations drives her tireless fight to ensure this growing population of “genetically unemployable” solo-preneurs are lifted up and celebrated for their courage and willingness to live their lives according to a new set of rules.

In 2015 the Texas Freelance Association was brought life as the first statewide association of freelance workers in the country. The inspiration for that project came out of the launch of The Freelance Conference in 2014. Coming up in 2016 is the Freelance Playground and an Ignite Freelance Celebration Tour to acknowledge freelancers for their greatness and last but not least, my personal podcast … genetically unemployable.

Stay tuned –

When I’m not behind this computer screen I enjoy learning to garden, boating, dancing the two-step across Texas and riding the single track trails throughout Austin.